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Something that I have always struggled with is fitting my kids shoes correctly. It is a lot easier when it is your fit to know if a shoe or even a sandal fits. Many years ago, my dad worked at a show store, so if we are in Green Bay, I can always ask him. However, Green Bay is a four hour trip for us now (since we live in Chicago), and I am often buying shoes here in Illinois. Therefore, I have to learn how to buy boys and Girls sandals on my own.

Below is a great video to watch:

The video shows you what the experts know. It shows you all the parts of the sandals you need to check (and this can be used for other shoes besides sandals).  I personally did not realize all the places you should be checking!

A proper fitting shoe and/or sandal is extremely important.  Not only is it a safety issue, it is a health issue.  You do not want your kids tripping or getting sores from an ill fitting sandal.  Take three minutes of your time, watch the video, and make sure your kids are wearing properly fitted shoes/sandals!

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