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Staycation Vacation

In the interest of saving money, we are looking to stay local this summer. However, this isn't as easy as it sounds. I'll be honest — my first idea came from watching Kate Plus 8 and seeing Discovery Cove. That place looked awesome! That being said — I went to price it out. Ummm, yeah. Way to pricey for us. Their prices start at $200 a person. Yes, let me repeat — start at $200! Cool, yes. Way to expensive for us, yes. By the time I add in airfare and everything else, well this trip would have costed us more than Disney did last year!

So after getting over my disappointment over Discovery Cove, I started looking local. We are just looking at taking the family away for a weekend. Kenosha started looking really good. Now, I need to talk Bill into it. I found the Bristol Renaissance Fair. I'm still looking for someone who has went here. I need to know if there's something for a 3 (aff) and a 6 year old to do or is this place too old? Also, I need to talk the hubby into it!

Anybody know of other things to do? We are looking at 4 hrs or less from Chicago we'd be willing to drive. Any ideas?

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  1. We have decided to forgo our trip to Vegas in August and are heading to Door County to a B&B for 2 days (w/o the kids) then coming back and scooping them up to do something fun with them. Other than that we are planning on taking in the sites WI has to offer us over the Summer to help reduce the costs.

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