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Story Time Felts Review and Giveaway

This contest is now over. The winner is Karen. Congrats!

My kids recently got some fun toys from Story Time Felts that I wanted to share with you all.  With all the toys out there that require batteries, these felt items are awesome.  They require your children to use their imagination which they really can do when (aff) allowed.  Madison may love Star Wars, but she does love the stuff that requires her to pretend on her own.

Will has the Animals of the Ark felt activity book.  He loves it!  Each page of this book has him doing different fine motor skill activites.  His favorite page has to the the one with the lion on it.  This page is all about working snaps, and he loves to take off the lions legs and tail and then reassemble it.  This book has already provided countless hours of fun, and Will has yet to figure out how to destroy it (huge plus in my house).  The book is also made from felt, so it is soft when (aff) your children decided to throw it at one another or use it as a pillow (not that either have occurred here).

Madison got a felt dress up paper doll set.  Now I remember paper dolls as a kid, and I also remember that they don't last long.  However, since this set is made from felt, I see this as a nonissue.  Madison also does not play with dolls themselves very often, but she does love this set.  She really enjoys dressing ther doll.  She giggled when she realized that there was a cat outfit for her doll to wear.  Unlike the doll sets from when we were little, there is no pushing tabs down to make the clothes stick.  You just put the clothes on them and you are done (which ends the biggest frustration that I remember as a kid).  All their clothes come with a carry case which makes losing this difficult.  Best of all, the felt is washable too!

Since I love their products so much, I want to offer one of you a $25 gift certificate, so you can join in the fun!  Here's what you need to do:

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This contest is for US residents and will end at May 25th at noon CST!  Good Luck!!!

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204 thoughts on “Story Time Felts Review and Giveaway”

  1. Jayne @ Can We Stop

    i'm a preschool teacher and i want them all! my first purchase would be the "figures to tell" set for "where the wild things are" because that is my favorite children's book. (it's sitting on my shelf now)

  2. I would love to have some of the story sets like Freddie Froggie, Animal Tales, Monsters Galore, Who Ate the Food to use in my job as a childrens librarian and to make available to the kids to play with on our felt wall. Hope I win! 🙂

  3. I would put it towards the Farm and Zoo Animal Toggle – "Farm and Zoo Adventure " with CD. My son would love it.