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Discovery Channel has struck gold again with their show Survivorman.  This is one of Bill and mine favorite shows out there.  It is about Les Stroud he gets dropped off in all sorts of situations that he a week to find his way out of.  He is left with a few supplies that normal people would have if they were lost in the wilderness.  He has no crew and has 50 lbs of camera equipment to log around too.  He shows you how to survive in the snow, desert, jungle, and a lot of other places.  I like Survivorman better than Man vs Wild, because Les is so much more believable (especially since the reports that Bear –the host of Man Vs. Wild– often spent the night in hotels instead of out in the wild).  He doesn't take the chances that Bear does, and I find Les much more down to earth and likable.  The chances of you ever needing this information are small.  However, it is a very interesting show to watch.  I cannot wait till the new season comes out!

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