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SweetPea3 MP3 Player

How many times do your kids want to play with your expensive electronics (like your mp3 player)?  I know my kids are always wanting too, so I was glad to see that there is a great product on the market called the SweetPea3 MP3 Player for kids.  This MP3 player is designed to withstand your kids rough wear and tear on it (and my kids definitely put it to the test!).  With only three buttons, children quickly learn how to find and play their favorite songs or stories (and this holds approximately 700 songs, so it'll take you a while to fill it up!).  I also love that it comes ready to use right out of the box (how great is that Christmas morning?!?). You can play the pre-loaded songs and stories or download up to 32 hours of music and stories from your computer using the included USB cable.  Downloading is just drag and drop and is compatible with both Macs and PCs.  The sound is pretty good coming out of it too!  It allows you to set up 3 (aff) playlists, so if one is driving you insane, you can change it!  Also, it has a built in timer, so it will turn itself off (and save on your battery life).

The SweetPea3 MP3 Player is a durable MP3 player for kids and would make for a great present under the tree.

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