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We went to my inlaws last night to see how Will and Madison were going to do in the pool. This year we decided to give Madison water wings, and she did awesome! To be honest, she did 100 times better than I thought she would. Will wasn't thrilled with being in the water, but did stay in for quite a while. I was happy that Bill had it handled and I didn't have to get into my suit.  We have a party to go to on Saturday, so I'm glad to know the kids will be comfortable playing in their pool.

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2 thoughts on “Swimming

  1. Hehe I know the feeling! The only swims I've had this summer were when I was all by myself so I didn't have to show myself in that little clothes to anyone. 😛

  2. hmmmmm man i wish i could swim i thought about learning it but i am afraid of water. Not like afraid of WATER water im afraid of being drowned. Im Glad that Madison was able to do it 😆 .

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