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Table For Five

Elizabeth is another person I try to read daily. Our lives intersect often. We both have young children and are trying to make as much money as we can online. We blog weird hours. We talk about our kids. We IM and email each other quite a bit too.

Elizabeth has a couple of different blogs you should check out. The first is Table 4 Five. This is more her general blog. She also has Mom Reviews and Mom Cooks.   You can pretty much guess what those are about.  She has a great writing style also.  I like to compare our reviews to see if we agree on things (which we do a lot).  I was hoping to see her at Blogworld this year, but she can't make it.  However, she is truly awesome, because she gave me her ticket.  Not only is she a great blogger, she is a great friend too.  That being said, go check out her blogs!!!  You won't regret it!

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