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Take-Out is an exciting numbered dice game that reminds you of the old “shut the box” game but without the big, bulky box. Can you remove all the numbered dice for a score of zero? The game is super easy to play.

First, the starting player rolls all 12 dice. The total number of dots on the white dice need to be removed from the red ones. (for example, if you roll a 2 (aff) and 3 (aff), you have 5. Use any combination of the red dice to equal 5. Then you roll the dice again and you remove more of the red dice. You keep playing until you can't remove any more red dice. You then add the total of the remaining dice. The player who reaches 150 first loses.

This is a great game that reinforces the math that Madison is learning in school. It took her a little bit to get the hang of it, but was able to play pretty easily. I love its small size, because I can easily throw it in my purse for a game on the go.

Take-Out is definitely worth a try!

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