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TEKK Protection Products

With summer just starting, it is time to look at getting dad products that will help him take care of the lawn.  Time spent on yard work and home (aff) improvement projects does not have to be a boring or potentially hazardous duty for Dad; it can also be quite enjoyable.  That is why 3M™ has developed a line of 3M™ TEKK Protection™ products to help the DIY Dad get the work done while keeping himself safe and having fun!  A few of the new products that have come out this summer:

  • 3M™ TEKK Protection™ Digital WorkTunes™ Hearing Protector & AM/FM Stereo Radio – Whether its jamming to his favorite music station, catching the ball game on the built in AM/FM Stereo Radio, or just listening to his tunes via his iPod, Dad can have a great time passing the time outside while keeping his ears safe from the harmful effects the volume of powers tools and lawnmowers can cause!
  • 3M™ Fuel™ X2P Safety Eyewear & 3M™ Forceflex™ Safety Eyewear – Keep Dad looking sharp while giving his eyes the vital protection he needs from unforeseen projectiles while performing tasks around the home (aff)—like mowing the lawn and power tool work

Bill got to try out the Safety Eyewear and loves it! The 3M™ Forceflex™ Safety Eyewear is especially liked here due to Bill's big head. The glasses stretch with his head. He also loves that these are safety glasses, so he can bring it onto the job site with him.  I was surprised how stylish they were, and you can't tell they are safety glasses.  I have to admit that these look better than his regular pair!

You can't put a price on safety.  However, these TEKK Portection products are stylish and safe.  What more can you ask for?

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