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Ten Big Toes and a Prince's Nose

This book is about being different. Ten Big Toes and a Princes Nose is about a princess and a prince who have larger than usual features.  Being that both my kids are in school and teasing is likely at some point, this is a great book for us to read to them.  I like the song that both sing.  It has a great lyric in it:

I am what I am and that's all right with me

That's what is important and something I hope that I am installing in my children.  I also love the illustrations in this book.  They are lavish and vibrant.  They pull you into the story.  The words also rhyme which helps keep my kids attention.  In true fairytale form, this prince and princess do meet and fall in love.  They also accept one another's differences.

Ten Big Toes and a Princes Nose is a great story about being happy and loving yourself.  It's also a story about accepting one another's differences.  It is a book I recommend for ages 4 – 7.

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