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That Baby CD and DVD

That Baby DVD and That Baby CD is a collection that is a huge hit in my house. We had been listening to the same classical music for 4 years. We started that with Madison and just continued to use the same one for Will. However, we recently got ahold of That Baby CD and I love it. the songs are covers of songs by Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Marley, Natalie Merchant, and The Pretenders to just name a few, so as an adult, you will recognize them. However, they don't change them for the kids so that you don't recognize them. They don't “over-kid” them. The CD along gets five stars from me. However, the DVD is just as good. I don't mind watching it (it isn't mind numbing as a lot of children's DVDs can be). My kids love watching it. It even holds Will's attention (somewhat — he's only going to be one, so there isn't much of an attention span there). The DVD is simple but very good.

If you are looking for a great gift to give, That Baby DVD and That Baby CD should top your list. I know I would have loved to receive this and I know a couple of moms would also would love this.

3 thoughts on “That Baby CD and DVD

  1. Mmmm. With Father's Day coming up, I might consider asking for this as a gift to play along with our daughter. Yep, she's daddy's girl alright!


  2. My sister would probably like this, as she has a young child. Bob Marley is on the CD, hmm? That further increases my interest in it.

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