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The Adventures Of Chuck & Friends: Monster Rally

Calling all Chuck The Truck fans!  The Adventures of Chuck & Friends: Monster Rally will arrive on DVD on September 4, 2012, from Shout! Factory Kids in collaboration with Hasbro Studios, Inc.

You get to join Tonka Chuck, the little dump truck with huge dreams — not to mention wheels! — and his friends as they steer you through one monster rally of a good time! Take an adventure with Chuck’s friends Handy, Digger, Biggs, Soku, Rowdy and Boomer, through mud-splashing, big-tire fun! No matter what obstacles are in Chuck’s way, he knows that with good friends and a little imagination, he’s always going to cross the finish line a winner.

The Adventures of Chuck & Friends series is currently airing on The Hub TV Network in the U.S. and on Treehouse in Canada.

1. Where There’s A Wheel
2. Hop, Slip & a Jump
3. Buffing Up
4. Daredevil Chuck
5. Chuck Atomic
6. Being Biggs
7. Hide & Seek
8. Attack Of The Soft Chuck
9. Legend Of Big Tire
10. Hard At Work

Bonus Features:
Also includes a special sing-along!

If you have a Chuck fan at home, you have to get this DVD.  It is so cute, and I love how the episodes have a point and learning lesson in them.  I was a hit in my house and will be in yours!


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