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The Basement Remodel: Drywall

The basement is definitely coming together nicely.  They have started the drywall and are working on getting the bathroom all together.  The shower stall is installed now.  They just have to add the faucets and the door to it.  I have to admit that Bill did a good job picking out the shower unit.  Bill's job this weekend is to finish putting the can lights in.  His brother is coming to finish running the phone and cable lines.  We have a seriously busy weekend ahead of us.

4 thoughts on “The Basement Remodel: Drywall

  1. Wow….it looks like you have a lot of work.My bathroom looks pretty much the same cause I;m installing a new shower.

  2. I have a huge basement in my house just sitting there. It's too damn depressing to go into when its unfinished. If I ever get kids i'm going to finish it and move my office down there so my kid will have a room.

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