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The Basement Remodel: More Drywall

As you can see from this first picture, I no longer have an opening for the kids to fall through when you are going down the stairs (which is a good thing — its one of the first things I asked for when we decided to remodel the basement). They have almost all the drywall done now too. The bathroom is still a work in progress. And they have started on the electrical room.

Bill and I have been talking about what we should do to furnish down there. I know he would absolutely love a plasma TV. He keeps joking he's going to buy one of these. Wouldn't he be surprised if I had the guys helping us remodel put one of these up? Maybe, if we have any money left after we are done, I'll surprise him with this for his birthday which is in July. I got my laptop (which I bought in January) for my birthday, so it would be a fair trade.

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9 thoughts on “The Basement Remodel: More Drywall

  1. It's coming along very nicely. It took us three months to gut and restore just the living room here.

  2. Having basement in the house is very remarkable. I would like to have one for myself. And throwing parties in the basement would be really exicted.

  3. looking good, i'm excited how you're going to decorate. It's going to be nice having more space in your home soon!

  4. Wow, a plasma TV for his birthday – that is sweet of you. Do share photos of your finished basement, ok?

    By the way, i just approved your EC ad in my blog. Thanks for choosing my blog. Bye!

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