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The Basement Remodel: The Bathroom

Well, I haven't updated with any pictures since framing just looks like framing. A lot of electrical work has been done too (by Bill and his brother), but you really can't see that either. However, we started working on adding a bathroom today. Here's what it looks like when you add a bath when you didn't have one before:

Yes, you have to dig up the foundation and add a pit (and beyond that they lost me.) Let me tell you, it is super stinky when they do this too! At times today, I was already to pack up the Briggs and Riley luggage, and high tail it out of here. However, opening the windows helped somewhat. I keep trying to remind myself — this is all for a good cause. LOL

I also most forgot to tell you. We had to shut the gas off on Friday to move some piping. Well, when we went to relight the water heater, it wouldn't! After messing with it for about an hour, we ended up at Home Depot and got a new one. That means, the only appliance we haven't replaces since we moved in here is the refrigerator! Keep your fingers crossed on that one please. In a way, it is good that it died now. It was 21 years old, so it definitely was on its way out.

3 thoughts on “The Basement Remodel: The Bathroom

  1. You're renovation of the basement has come at a perfect time, especially if you're child misbehaves. At this point, you can tell them if they misbehave, you'll either lock them down in the pit, or bury them.

    Ok, so maybe my parents punished me more psychologically than physically…

  2. The smell will go away, and it will all be well worth it once it's finished. Sorry to hear about the water heater, but better now than when everything is done. Fingers crossed on the fridge!

  3. Wow, sounds like a lot of work. We just bought our first townhome and this post made me think of what we will be doing eventually, and how much I am not looking forward to it 😀 We gotta replace our water heater too cause its about 15 years old. Thinking about the tankless water heaters.

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