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The Basement Remodel: The Entire Story

So you don't have to search my entire blog to see all the step we took to get the basement done, I have done all the hard work for you.  Below is a list of all the posts I did while the basement was getting done.  You can really see how it all came together:

Waterproofing – Day 1

Waterproofing – Day 2


The Bathroom


Windows, Drywall, and Electric

Windows and More Drywall

More Drywall

One Week Left

2 Days Left


Almost Done, I think

See the finish line

We are done!

This was done in 3 (aff) weeks worth of time. Its is truly amazing to watch the transformation we did.

3 thoughts on “The Basement Remodel: The Entire Story

  1. I will be bookmarking this post. I'm looking at buying a house that has a basement that will have to be improved upon. This could be helpful when I go to work on it, if I get the house.

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