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The Basement Remodel: We are Done!

I can't believe I forgot to post the pictures of the basement.  Well, yes I can.  Between getting ready for Will's birthday party and my aunt's death, I was a rough week or so there. The difference between what the basement looked like before and what it looks like now is like the difference before and after acne treatments to your face  Its the different.  Here are the before pictures:

Here are the after:

Can you believe that this is the same basement?  I live here and I can't!

30 thoughts on “The Basement Remodel: We are Done!

  1. Holy Cow…that is AWESOME! I would love to finish our basement–but I'm not sure what the hubby wants. I'll think I'll show him the photo's later. Congrats!

  2. Very nice job, I love the way that the recessed pieces really add a different element of depth to your basement. The recessed bookshelf and picture shelf really does look cool.

  3. I'm stopping by through EC but have been here before through my other blogs. Very nice job! I really like the blue and white theme. It is so calming yet airy and open feeling. You really need a dryer to match the washer but other than that what a wonderful transformation.

  4. Lizzy, we still have some odds and ends to still do, but the majority of it is done. It is a good feeling when you change something so differently. :mrgreen:

  5. Thanks Chris! We plan on getting some shelves to put in the recess picture frame. We just haven't had time. My hubby is thinking glass shelves there and putting all his Cub stuff and his beer mugs up there.

  6. Thanks Mariana! I picked the blue out, so its nice to hear I did such a good job. My hubby wanted Cubs blue on the bottom and Cub red up on top. I'm glad I didn't let him do that. :mrgreen:

  7. @ Garden, Thanks! We bought the washer and dryer at two different times. Now, they are in the utility room, so nobody knows they don't match unless you read my blog. lol

  8. Congratulations on your new basement! It's a vast improvement. The cinderblock-hiding shelves look great. I remember all too well the horrors of basement remodelling. Ours took three months, but we got two new rooms and three closets out of it. Got some pics to prove it: http://is.gd/AtT



  9. Thanks Charlotte! Choosing the color was one of hardest things I had to decide on. Though I knew I didn't want Bill's color choices 😆

  10. Outstanding work!! Great job, it requires lot of patience to change the basement like a dream home. I will try to design my basement as per my dreams.

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