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The Basement Remodel: Windows and More Drywall

I took these pictures yesterday.  Slowly but surely the basement is coming alone.

As you can see, we got some new windows on the side of the house, and they were able to complete more of the drywall on the walls.  They also drywalled almost the entire ceiling.  It looks nice.   Since we are trying to get this done before Will's birthday, I am definitely feeling like things aren't moving along fast enough (even though they really are).

4 thoughts on “The Basement Remodel: Windows and More Drywall

  1. I think these pictures are better than the one from your other basement blog post. Your basement is pretty roomy from the looks of it.

  2. i just love the blogs about reparaition, i need to make in my basement also some work i dont like to wirk strange people in my house

    i want it all by my self

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