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The Basement Remodel

The room in the basement is now demolished.  I can't believe how big the basement looks now!  I am going to take some pictures tonight, so I can show you all!  This is slowly coming together.  We have Bill's friend Tony, who is plumber, going to stop over one night this week, so he can tell us where we should put the bathroom (we currently only have one bathroom, so a second one is definitely needed).  Bill's uncle is also coming over Thursday.  He has a rehab business and does things like drywall.  I am hoping that we can have them do the drywall and get it done.  If not, I am not sure if the basement will get done in time for Will's birthday.  We also have some HVAC issues down there, so I am hoping they can do something regarding that too.  Everything is slowly, but surely coming together right now.

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