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The Camcorder Fiasco

Bill and I bought a camcorder before we got married (which would make it almost 7 years old).  We have used it a couple of times since we bought it.  Madison has a concert Thursday at preschool that I HAVE to tape.  Yes, HAVE.  Bill still doesn't know if he can make it.  My parents and sister can no way make it.  Therefore, I have to tape it.  Sunday night, Bill dug it out and told me to charge the battery, so we could see if it still works.  Well, we are missing the plug in cord.  We ran to Best Buy last night and bought one of the new DVD camcorders, so be looking for that review over at Lisa Reviews!  All I have to say is that I am so glad we didn't wait till Wednesday night to figure this out.

2 thoughts on “The Camcorder Fiasco

  1. Same thing happened to me last year before my daughter's very first band concert. My husband was out of town and I knew I had to record it. Yep, new camera, the only way to go! 😀

  2. i wonder how many camcorders are bought under similar circumstances: last minute desperation to come up with a recording solution for an important event? i also took a quick look, and have to compliment you on your lisareviews site. it's is nicely done.

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