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The Chicago Bears Lost

Bill is very disappointed. I thought with the Hester kickoff return we had a shot to win. Here's why they lost in my opinion.

First, Indy just played better. They were able to stop the run and the deep pass. They made the Bears one dimensional.

Second, the defense got tired. You cannot expected them to be out there over half of the game.

Third, the Bears offense sucked. When you cannot do anything on offense, you cannot win the game. I am not singling out Rex here because they all stunk.

Fourth, they didn't seem to have their heart into it. There was no fire from the team today. It was like they said ok we met our goal; we don't need to win.

However, the Bears were only picked to be 8-8 this year. The fact they made it to the Superbowl says a lot. Most teams will never make it there, so they should be proud. Hopefully, we will be in the playoffs next year.

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