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The Daddy Long Legs Blues

37455580Even though Madison and I hate spiders, this book is loved in our house. You can read the book or even sing it as a bluesy song. It is something that will definitely hold the attention of your kids. The illustrations are awesome, and tell the story without the words.  The book is about a spider and how he moves and grooves.  There are even some lines that will make you laugh like:

He hatched from an egg
his mama laid in a crack
just before she got squashed
in the back of a shack.

Well, even if it doesn't make you laugh, it definitely makes me. The other cool thing is that this book has a glossary of blues terms, a list of the instruments in the book, and information about spiders all in the back of the book. To be honest, I even learned a thing or two about them (like that there are three different creatures that people consider daddy longlegs: the adult crane fly, the cellar spider, or the harvestman).

The Daddy Long Legs Blues is definitely a great book to have in your house.

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  1. Your post makes me really want to read the books. i have 2 kids at home and I'll be glad to buy them a good book. Thanks for sharing.

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