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The Demo Starts Now

Well, not quite now. I am calling to see how much it is to rent a dumpster, so we can start demoing the room in the basement. However, I don't know how long we need it for or how big of one we need, so I sound like a moron when I am talking to these people. I know Bill would rather be playing golf than messing around with the basement, but that room needs to be taken down before we can do anything.  We have a field supervisor coming out on Friday to inspect the basement, and then we will get the date of when they will install the drainage tile.  Once that is done, it is a mad dash to finish finishing off the basement before Will's birthday.

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One thought on “The Demo Starts Now

  1. Sounds like a big job you have to do. I hope everything turns out well with you on the inspection.

    I enjoyed your site layout.. a lot of creativity.

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