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The Doctor’s Visit

I took the kids to the doctors yesterday. Actually, it was suppose to be Will's 6 month well baby checkup.  Madison has had this funky nose thing since Monday, so I decided to bring her in too and get it looked at.  Our appointment was suppose to be 1:45 in the afternoon.  About 9:30 the doctors office called and wanted me to change our appointment time to 11:45.  Fine.  It made me rush around, but I got everybody out the door, and we were there on time.  We didn't have to sit in the waiting room long, so I was pretty happy.  We got called back and that's when everything started going downhill.

Will got weighed and measured.  He is 18 lbs. 4 oz and 25 inches long.  In two months, he gained 4 lbs and 2 (aff) in, so nothing to complain about there.  I have a growing little boy.  They were extremely impressed by all the things he can do already.  He is way ahead on his milestones!  They aren't happy that I am bringing him to the chiropractor for the acid reflux, but it is working, so I am going to continue to do it.  I can start finger foods whenever I want and play it by ear.  If he starts gagging, well, he's not ready.  LOL

Oh wait, I forgot.  They actually looked at Madison first.  She has impetigo (I have no idea how to spell it — I just sounded it out and am hoping that is right).  She now has a cream I have to put by her nose.  I guess she is highly contagious, but only to herself.  I don't need this spreading across her face right before Christmas, so we really have to keep an eye on it.  She also ended up with a flu shot.  Needless to say, she was not a happy camper.

Back to Will.  Of course, I told them the acid reflux has been way better, and the kid throws up 3 (aff) times while we are there.  I told them that both kids have colds, and I wasn't sure if they were going to give Will his shots.  I know it is sounding good so far.  Problem is, we were stuck in our little patient room for 45 minutes before we saw the doctor!  Now, they called me and told me I had to come in early so I could basically sit in a patient room with a crabby 6 month old and a hyper 3 (aff) year old.  Fun times, let me tell you.  Madison was literally bouncing off the walls at one point.

So the doctor is listening to Will's chest and tells me she hears something.  She doesn't tell me what she is looking for but we need to do a breathing treatment to rule some things out.  At this point, I call my mother in law for backup.  I know we are going to be there for a long time more, and Madison was driving me completely bananas.  Thank goodness, she was already out and I think she got there in like 15 minutes. Madison calmed down as soon as she got there.  We do the treatment, and the doctor walks back in and listens to his chest.  She then tells me that he won't be getting his shots today.  She thinks he may have asthma.  She isn't sure if it is all the time asthma, cold induced asthma, or something else entirely.  The treatment we did got rid of the squeak she heard (which I guess is a good thing).  She tells me asthma isn't the end of the world.  I was like I know I thought you were going me he had RSV.  Well, I guess that is on her list of things this could be.  However, he is had RSV he would be coughing all the time and miserable, and he is neither.  He usually is only coughing in the morning when he gets up.  He didn't cough once while we were there.  However, if this is really asthma, then he should be coughing way more than he is too.

The game plan is that I have to bring him back in next Tuesday, and have him get checked out again.  He may get his shots then depending on what they hear (or don't hear).  It took forever to get out of there, because they sent a nebulizer home (aff) with me and a ton of arrangements had to get done.  I was already irritated, because I had already been at the doctors office two hours at this point.  I had extremely crabby kids too.  They tell me that I can wait for a delivery or just run over to Walgreens and get one from there.  They had one ready for me to pick up.  Since I had to drop off two other prescriptions anyway, I opted to go pick it up.  Wrong choice.

My mother in law took Madison to her house since Madison wanted to go and play there.  I took Will to Walgreens.  I get there and the lady was like it will be at least an hour!  What??!!??  I told the lady (and probably not too nice either) that my doctors office just called, and it was suppose to be available.  She then just repeated that it would be at least an hour.  Needless to say, I was highly irritated.  I have had problems with particular Walgreens before.  However, it is the medical supply one, so I have no other choice of where to go.  I waited for Bill to get home (aff) from work, and we took Will and went back to get it.  It is TWO hours later, so you would think my stuff would be done.  Nope.  I had to stand there and wait.  Want to hear the best part?  The nebulizer is just a box they had to walk in back and get.  That's it.  I had to come back and still wait again for that.

That was my day yesterday.  Fun, huh?

7 thoughts on “The Doctor’s Visit

  1. I guess I was lucky when I went to get some cream for Eva and the tech had the box in her hands, in her hands and told me it would be 15 minutes. Probably something to do with insurance. Ah, US healthcare system. What a mess.

  2. I don't think I would have been as irritated if they would have just told my dr office the truth. I would have had it delivered then. I also hadn't eaten all day either so that didn't help things. I ended up not getting him till about 2:40

  3. Oh man! What a day! I hope you guys all get better fast! And pooh on Walgreen's and CVS – they've never, ever been nice to me in those places – the pharmacy's, I mean. The other people are cool – that's odd…hmm…

    They were even awful to me when hubby got MRSA (the really bad kind of staph infection) – I was already so emotionally strung out! And the lady was a witch! And then I wound up catching the infection, myself.

    You know, it's just odd to me how many pharmacy employees and nurses who are mean…aren't they there, doing that job – to 'take care' of people? Weird, huh?

  4. Oh, what a horrible day, and one that started out so promising! I hope Will and Madison both get to feeling better and hopefully you'll never have to use the nebulizer. I probably would've thrown something at that person at Walgreens! They are so unsympathetic to their customers.

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