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The Energy Commercial ABC Won’t Play

It is amazing that ABC will take money from Exxon and other oil and energy companies to play their commercials.  However, when someone comes up with an ad promoting *gasp* other fuels to use, they refuse to play it. Come on ABC, what is the real reason this ad can't play?  Big oil in your pockets too?  Here is the commercial that is RePower America is trying to use.  What do you think?  Why won't ABC play this?

Please forward this on, so ABC gets it into their heads that this is not okay. Of all the crappy male enhancement commercials I am stuck watching on a daily basis, this commercial is good and they won't play it. If you feel this is wrong, here is a petition to sign to let ABC know how you feel.

8 thoughts on “The Energy Commercial ABC Won’t Play

  1. Something's going to have to budge eventually, Big Oil is just in too many places blocking too many outlets for information on sources on new energy. Just think of where we would be at this point in time with renewables if they hadn;t hand their hand in preventing things from evolving.

  2. While I agree that we need to change our dependance on oil, we need to do it slowly. I think the movie was called chain reaction, but it makes a good point as to if the world just all of a sudden didnt need oil. Imagine the hundred of thousands of jobs gone, just like that. The world economy would become a disaster, much worse then what it is now. 😕

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