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The Important Things In Life

Anyone who follows me on Twitter probably knows that my aunt has not been good for some time now.  She has lung cancer that she has been battling (she also has diabetes and has had breast cancer in the past).  My mom did see her a couple of weeks back, and she was doing really well.  Therefore, I was super surprised when I got a phone call yesterday from my sister that my aunt was in the hospital and not doing well at all.  At this point, she was being given a week, 2 (aff) tops to l live.  Well, my mom got a call this afternoon to get up there now.  So, here I sit, 4 hours away, unable to do anything, waiting.

As you can probably tell, my posts this week is probably going to be quite erratic.  I will post when I get time, but as soon as I get the call about what arrangements are made, I will be heading up to Wisconsin with the kids.  Bill will stay here and work.  Anybody on Entrecard, this holds the same.  My parents have dialup, so internet access up there sucks.  I'll post when I can, I'll drop when I can.

I'll be honest — this has really put things into perspective for me.  Who cares if the basement isn't finished?  Yes, it would be nice.  However, nobody besides me is going to care.  I was reading some of the forums I frequent this morning, and just getting horribly irritated (needless to say, I didn't comment because I would have just come across really rude).  The things people complain about in the whole scheme of things is really dumb (and I'll admit, I am guilty of it too).  I'm giving my kids an extra hug today whenever I can, because they are what's important for me.

Life can be gone in an instant.  Make sure you hug your kids and tell them that you love them.  Make sure you hug your husband/wife and tell them that you love them too.  That's what is important.

2 thoughts on “The Important Things In Life

  1. Lisa,

    I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. Don't worry about the Internet and stuff like that, real life is always more important. I have learned this the hard way (my dad and my mother in law passed away from cancer). Take care of yourself and I'm keeping you in my thoughts.

  2. I am sorry that you have this going on in your life. It does put things into perspective. I know your mom will appreciate you being there. Hugs.

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