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the Monster at the end of this Book

The Monster at the End of this Book ranks as one of my top ten books of all time for kids. I love this book as a child and was super excited when my sister bought this for my daughter. Madison and I often read this together with her giggling at all the funny ways Grover tries to get you not to turn the next page, because he is afraid of the monster at the end of the book. (Spoiler here) What Grover doesn't realize is that he is the monster at the end of the book. The closer you get to the end, the more upset and scared he gets.  It is a great book with humor and suspense and a happy ending.

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4 thoughts on “the Monster at the end of this Book

  1. I adore this book 🙂 I remember my mom reading it to me when I was little and I love reading it to my son now.

  2. Sounds like such a cute book. We have some of the other Sesame Street books, and they're so good. I'll have to remember this one for our grandbaby.

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