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The Search For Santa Paws

I love holiday movies and The Search For Santa Paws definitely fits that bill.  I have to admit — it's one of the cutest movies I've ever seen.  Once my kids got over the cute dogs in the movie, they did really enjoy it.  I love that the movie was really about giving and the true meaning of Christmas.  Now, I know this film has gotten some bad reviews due to some events that happen in the story (which I won't go into, so I don't ruin the movie for you).  However, my kids didn't seem to overreact to said things (and it's nothing worse than what you see in Finding Nemo, Bambi, Lion King, Brother Bear, The Secret of Nimh, etc.).  The basic story is that Santa and Paws learn that the world has lost the spirit of Christmas and they take a trip to New York City.  Santa loses his memory while there and it's up to the dogs to save St. Nick and show the world what Christmas is really about.

Leading into Christmas, The Search For Santa Paws is a must see holiday movie!

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