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The Secret of Wellington's Map

Over the past week or so, I have been reading an awesome book called The Secret of Wellington's Map.  Granted, this isn't my normal reading genre (usually if I can get a few minutes away I pick up Stephen King or Dean R Koontz book), but you know what?  I enjoyed this book just as much as I do books by those authors (though I think this book would be considered in either the sci-fi or mystery genre).  I would say that The Secret of Wellington's Map is probably geared towards the ten and up crowd.  However, as an adult, I truly enjoyed the book too.  I found the author's style a joy to read, and she really caught the essence of teenage girls in this book.  I also enjoyed finding a book that girls are the heroines.  The other thing I liked is that even though the main characters are teenage girls, they weren't boy crazy.  Granted, there were a few boy mentions, but their lives didn't revolve around boys.  The author had the girls talking, acting, and dressing like teenage girls, so I found them very believable.  There is also a bit of real life history intertwined into the story.

The story centers around two girls, Jaime and Nicole, that had expected a carefree summer.  However, after they come across a magic map, they go on an adventure of a lifetime.  I hate to go into more of a synopsis of the book, because I don't want to spoil any part of it for you.  I will tell you that the map is somewhat of a time space portal, and they do go through it and end up in 1885.  However, if you want to find out why and if they make it back, you have to go read the book!

6 thoughts on “The Secret of Wellington's Map

  1. From time to time I look gladly here past, in order to read the well written contributions as suggestions. Here I would like to leave a greeting from Thuringia in Germany!

  2. I'm also a huge Stephen King and Dean R. Koontz fan. Their books take up two shelves each in my bookcase. Been reading King since Salem's Lot.
    Clive Barker is also a favorite of mine from that genre…

  3. This sounds like an interesting book. I have been reading a lot of teen fiction because of my daughters. This one sounds like something they would like. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the great review. I was skeptical at first about reading the Harry Potter series since it was geared towards a younger crowd, but really enjoyed it. Thanks for the great review and I will check this book out for sure.

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