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The Start Of Summer

With the crazy weather we've had the last couple of weeks, it is hard to believe that it is really summer here in Chicago.  Last weekend, for Will's birthday party, it was hundred degrees.  At one point (since we can't have a birthday of his without rain), we had some pretty severe weather come through here too.  We had put up a tent outside and everybody had to grab on and hold.  Little did we know, but about a mile or two away, that same wind uprooted pretty large trees!  We also lucked out, because many parts of my village lost power.  I lucked out that it wasn't mine!  Just as the storm started, I was starting dinner, so life would have gotten really interesting without power.

It's hard to believe that Will is 4 now though!  He officially turned 4 on Tuesday which also happened to be his last day of school.  After his presentation at school, we surprised the kids and took them to Kung Fu Panda 2 (aff)!  They loved it.  Heck, I loved it!

Then we had crazy weather.  We sustained over 100 degrees for several days in a row.  I also remembered that our air conditioning unit is on its last legs.  It was put in in 1994 (I have the paperwork from the prior owners).  When it was so hot outside, we couldn't get the house lower than 78.  (It was set at 74).  We luck out that we have a basement that was even cooler than that.  However, I still want my house to get as cool as I want it!  However, air conditioning units are expensive.  You are going to spend a lot more on that than an antique vanity with mirror or really any bedroom vanities on the market.  At this point, I think we are just going to put up with it.  However, it gets much hotter here I'm not sure. (We have lucked out now that we had some thunderstorms come through and cool us down.  I think we are in the 60's now!)

With the start of summer, I also have some projects I want to get done.  One of them is painting the front porch.  I've asked for advice of what color I should paint the porch.  Everyone I have asked I told me a different color!  It's enough to drive you insane.  🙂

I also think I need to repaint the bathroom.  Right now, it's a light green.  However, it is tiny, so it has to be a light color.  (We did a complete remodel a couple of years ago, so I don't need any new bathroom decor.  Just new paint.)  I can't decide if a light yellow or brown would go good in there.  I don't mind painting.  I just hate taping and picking out the color. Sigh.

How have you spent the summer so far?

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  1. Another great post Lisa. We always look forward to posts. To date we have spent our summer in much the same way. It's always seems like there is something to be done around the house!! Try to remember to have some fun too!

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