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The Upside Down Show

One of the my favorite shows that Madison watches is called The Upside Down Show. It is on Noggin, and it is about two guys named Shane and David. They have an imaginary remote control that causes them to do silly things. They even allow “you” to control their activities. The show is about all the new things they learn about. It is truly a silly show but so educational. The learning goals that are worked on are:

Imaginative Play

* boosts creativity by modeling pretend play
* fosters a humorous approach to problem-solving
* models a think-outside-the-box attitude

Language and Early Literacy Skills

* introduces new vocabulary in surprising and funny ways
* reinforces phonological awareness with use of alliteration, rhyming, and other kinds of language play

Cognitive Skills

* reinforces logical thinking skills such as making predictions and noticing connections
* models using abstract thinking and imagination to find new ways of looking at a problem
* demonstrates and explores relational concepts (high/low, inside/outside, light/dark)

Social and Emotional Development

* models cooperation and negotiation
* models accommodating and supporting the needs of others

If you are looking for a great show for your kids to watch, The Upside Down Show ranks pretty high up there at our house.

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