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The Walker and The Cupboards

The little boy is now walking a little more. I think we have a total of 8 steps in a row now. He's only ten months, so I think that is pretty darn good. I have to laugh though — I just saw an infomercial about those alarm system monitoring things that you put on your cupboards so you know your kids are playing in there. I guess my question is how do you not know that they are in there. The only cupboards Will can get at have pots and pans (aff) in it. It isn't like he's exactly quiet when playing in there! (Though, he did figure out how to get the dishwasher (aff) open yesterday. I am not sure if Bill just didn't close it tight or what).  Now, a system on my back door, is something I can go for.  It is too easy for the kids (specifically Madison) to sneak out the back door.

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