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The Weekend

Well, we helped my sister Kari move into her new house this weekend. Its pretty cute. Definitely a starter house. That's why we went to Green Bay this weekend. Now, next weekend we have a graduation party.

Madison, of course, did not sleep while we were there. Like usual. For some reason, when we get there she does not sleep. She sleeps 3 (aff) hours then gets up and wants Grandma to rock her the rest of the night in the chair. My mom tried several times to move to the couch from the chair and each time she woke up. One of the times she pointed my mom back to the chair. She's a little bossy. LOL

Madison also tried to get my mom is trouble. It was pretty funny. Grandma yelled at her for taking wooden spoons and hitting Kari's walls. Madison went running to me and told me that Grandma was hitting the wall with the spoons. I thought it was pretty funny. Classic two year old behavior.

The only good thing that came from Madison's lack of sleep was that she slept the whole ride home (aff). She fell asleep in Green Bay before Bill started the van and slept till we were 5 minutes from home (aff). It was an enjoyable drive.

Well, gotta cut this short. Bill and I are both sick (with colds) and I want to go to bed. I just got Madison to sleep in her own room without Bill sleeping on the floor (Yeah!). That was a bad habit he got into with her. Now, if she'll just sleep in her own bed all night. Keep your fingers crossed.

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