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Thinking happy happy thoughts

NOT! I swear when it rains it pours. I awoke to a huge puddle of water in front of my house this morning.  Now, the temp is -8 with a windchill of -20, so  I definitely should not have had standing water.  I called Bill freaked out and he had me call the village.  I think it is a water main break.  However, nobody bothered to come to my door.  Instead, they just turned off my water.  I just realized it when I tried to make Will his diluted version of juice.  Needless to say, I am ticked.  I called the village, and they won't give me an ETA at all.  I seriously would love to know if I need to send Bill out for water or what.  I seriously am trying not to be highly irritated right now. I could be working on things like Increasing Blog Article Quality or doing some of my freelance work. Instead, I am standing in my front window watching my village dig a huge hole in my street and trying to figure out what to make for dinner with no water.  Also, try explaining to a 5 year old why she can't flush the toilet after we have spent 2 (aff) years drilling it into her head that she needs to flush the toilet.

I know there are way bigger things in life I should be concerned about, but man this is irritating.

4 thoughts on “Thinking happy happy thoughts

  1. Oh you poor thing! It did make me smile about flushing though! We are quite the opposite. We lived (6 people) in a house with 1 bathroom for 5 years. The toilet took forever to 'refill' after a flush, so in times when everyone needed to go–they weren't allowed to flush. Now after one year in our house (with 3 bathrooms) there are signs posted above each toilet to remind them to flush. I think they are finally starting to get it. Anarchy would reign if I told them not to again! Come on over and play if ya need to!

  2. That was funny how you put it. Sometimes "us" adults can be so confusing to our children 😆 flush and don't flush is a big mess to leave in a kid's mind. Hope you've had your water back.

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