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Nowadays, most kids are into video games.  However, I like to find a good ones that teach my kids, but they still have a lot of fun.  I have found a couple of games you have to try out:

The way to the treasure is free but suddenly a wall moves in your way, and your plan ends in a dead end. Is there really no way out? That is how you play Labyrinth! You travel with Alok in an exciting campaign around the world, to Egypt, Mexico or the Antarctic, and help him find the right treasures to free his father from the clutches of the wicked Mr. Hoppert. You are able to move the passageways with the Nintendo DS? stylus and find all your treasures in the Labyrinth. But watch out, you?re not alone! Whether computer opponents or your friends in multiplayer-mode, they are all looking too and will try to block your path. Labyrinth was specially adapted for the Nintendo DS? version of the board game. There are 5 worlds and 14 characters to pick from. It is rated E, so everyone in your family can play!

In this international crime solving puzzler Mr. X is up to his old mischief right across the globe, but Scotland Yard is already hot on his heels. In a series of thrilling chases players pursue this master thief through five of the world’s major cities- London, New York, Berlin, Paris and Amsterdam using their tactical skill, sharp observation and perhaps a bit of luck. Will the detectives succeed in tracking down Mr. X, or will he evade their clutches forever.  The cool part of this game?  There are true to life city maps of Amsterdam, Paris, New York, Berlin, and London.  You can also play as Mr. X or the detectives.  Another cool feature?  You can send secret notes to teammates by writing on the screen!

Crazy Machines is an outrageous problem solving game that requires “out of the box” thinking and hi-jinx for the entire family that makes full use of the Wii’s controllers. The professor has a wacky lab filled with falling anvils, rolling spheres, floating balloons, dancing crash-test-dummies and flying turtles to mention just few of his outrageous tools and gadgets. All are at the players disposal to use as they set up crazy machines and start wacky chain reactions while solving some of the most outrageous riddles known to man as the weird science of the Professor sends them on a trip around the world. There are more than 100 items for player to create and solve some very weird science.experiments. With over 100 levels there’s unlimitied possibilities for creativity and fun that can be developed independently or shared with family and friends. There are also seven beautifully animated “cartoon quality” setting like the Caribbean and North Pole. This game was right up Madison's alley. These are the kinds of game she loves, so it was a good fit for us.

I loved that Madison (and Will) were learning and not even realizing it! With Christmas right around the corner, these are excellent games to add to your list!

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