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This Week

We bought Madison's new mattresses over the holiday weekend. They are getting delivered today. I went out to Kmart and bought the Tinkerbell comforter and sheet set. It is sooo cute. I also bought a couple of waterproof mattress pads. I forgot how much they cost. And I forgot how much I hate the “we'll be there between 11 – 3”. At the time, I said it was okay. Today I realized I am not sure how to get Madison to nap if they show up after 1.

Madison caught the cold Bill and I have. She's really congested. However, it isn't slowing her down too much.

This weekend is Kari (my sister's ) bachelorette party. Anybody got any suggestions for this? Let me know before Friday. I am looking for any ideas.

Holiday weeks always screw me up. Today feels like Monday, not Tuesday. Then next week is going to be all screwed up too cuz of Kari's wedding. Bill has off Thursday, Friday, and Monday.

Ohh yeah. I forgot. My dryer crapped out yesterday. My father-in-law came over and we cleaned out all the lint (how gross!!). Hopefully the load I put in this morning actually dried (cross your fingers).

Gotta go restart “The Piglet Movie” for Madison for the (I think) 5th time today. Stay cool!

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