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As you can tell, I love blogging. I suggest that everyone gets a blog. There are so many options out there. You can buy your own domain and hosting as I do. However, there are several companies out there that offer free blogs. Thoughts.com is one of those sites you should definitely look at. With them, you are able to create a free blog or online journal. You are able to upload photos, videos, podcasts, chat in the forums, win contests, etc. You are able to decide which posts you want the world to see. You can make some posts out there for everyone and you can have some posts that only your friends and family can see. You also are given unlimited bandwidth which is great if you talk as much as I do. You are able to see the recent posts that people have done and the most popular posts. This is a great way to find new blogs to read.

Right now they are running a contest that you can win a trip to Vegas! You can win a 3 night vacation in a 4 star resort (aff). In November, they will be picking 5 members to win it. That alone should make you want to join and start blogging. What are you waiting for?

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  1. Is thoughts.com a new site? I have never heard of them before but they have a pagerank of 5. That is pretty sweet giveaway they are having, I definatley want to win.

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