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Make time for you and your partner and enjoy a happier relationship

This is a guest post.

This time of year can be a make or break time for many relationships – long winter evenings and the ever looming threat of mucking up Valentines Day puts many couples in a tight spot.

But this week we show you some top ways to banish those relationship blues meanwhile making more time for you and your partner.

Listen to each other

It might sound clichéd but often when times are tough – but sometimes just listening to what the other person is saying can be the difference between wedded bliss and the wanted section of an online dating site.

Leave town

An old English saying claims that “a change is as good as a rest. And what better way to save an ailing relationship than a romantic getaway together.

Whether its an adventure weekend hiking in the Scottish highlands or a luxury spa break at one of the country's top hotels – nothing signals a fresh start like taking some time out of the rat race.

And your romantic stay needn't cost the earth with a wide range of hotel and beauty vouchers available online.

Valentines Day

When it comes to this time of year – Valentines day can be a minefield for some couples.

With so many gifts on offer – what really is the best way to show someone how much you love them.

From flowers to festival tickets – the possibilities are endless but so too are the chances to get it wrong and bring your relationship grinding to a halt.

One sure fire way of keeping your partner happy is by hedging your bets and buying them some shopping vouchers – that way you're on to a winner no matter what.

Enjoy a night out

They say its the little things that make all the difference.

And there really is no better way to boost a relationship than a low key night out with the one you love.

The options are endless, whether its dinner and drinks or an evening in front of the big screen –  nothing guarantees good times quite like an evening on the town.

After a busy working week why not use the weekend to take in a trip to the theatre or enjoy a bite to eat together while waiting for the magic to happen.

Just do it

Many couples spend too much time focussing on the negative aspects of their relationship without remembering what brought them together in the first place. Take some time out to think back to what brought you to each other rather than what's tearing you apart. Sometimes just relaxing and getting on with it can be all you need to restore your relationship to happiness.

Whatever way things pan out – hope for the best and if it doesn't work out then there are always plenty more fish in the sea.


3 thoughts on “Make time for you and your partner and enjoy a happier relationship

  1. enjoying your time with others and also finding pleasure is a good way to do it. Since we all know that sometimes we deserve some special treatment for ourselves. And having some social life can also trigger happiness especially if we hangout with our friends.

  2. Leaving town would be the best option for me and my partner, also anyone else. When your so used to and familiarized with your own town, city, or state and find it boring, it just seems more relaxing to be on a beach some where on the caribbean islands. And hey, get to meet new people in the process, thats my take on it.

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