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Tiny Prints Classroom Valentine’s Day Cards

Yep, it is that time again. We have to start worrying about what Valentines Day Greeting Cards we are going to be sending to school. This is when having a boy and a girl sometimes stinks, because I can't use the same cards for the kids. They each have to have their own set. Also, Madison's class has 25 kids in it. Guess how the Valentine's Day packs are usually set up — yep, in 12s or I can get 24. However, this year, I found the answer to my Valentine Cards dilemma.

Tiny Prints has everything I need for my cards this year. Here is what I'll be ordering for the kids classrooms:

I'm sorry, but the sign the wolf is holding is the funniest thing ever!!! I love these cards and so do my kids. Tiny Prints — you scored a home (aff) run with your cards this year! If you are a fan like me, you can follow Tiny Prints on Twitter, Tiny Prints on Facebook, and Tiny Prints boards on Pinterest.

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