Tips to Save Money at the Movie Theater
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Tips to Save Money at the Movie Theater

Going to the movie theater with your family can be expensive. The cost of the tickets and then the
prices at the concession stand make it nearly impossible for the average family to enjoy an evening out
at the theater. While the costs associated with a movie night at the theater are high, they don’t have to

I’m going to show you how to save money at the movie theater so that your family can enjoy going out
to the movies more regularly.

Tips to Save Money at the Movie Theater

Go to the Matinee Show

The earlier show is called a matinee show and this is usually a lower-priced show. While you may not
think to go to the movie theater during the daytime hours, it’s usually the best discount for larger
families looking to save money at the movie theater.

Compare Online Prices

Sometimes buying your movie theater tickets in advance online will be cheaper than purchasing your
movie theater tickets at the box office. Look at Fandango or other online movie theater ticket sites to
see if they have a lower price or online discount to save money at the movie theater.

Share Snacks

The best way to save money at the movie theater on snacks is to try to buy one large option and share it
among family. You can bring your own paper bags and divvy up a larger size popcorn between the whole
family and share drinks, or buy smaller drinks to save money during your movie night out.

Eat Before You Go

You know those kids are going to be “starving” by the time you get to the movie theater and they see
the concession stand. Instead of feeling guilty that perhaps your kids are “starving”, eat a meal before
you head to the movie theater so their bellies are full for the show.

Skip The Treats

Lastly, you can skip the concession stand altogether to save loads of money at the movie theater. Have
your kids eat something before you go to the movies and inform them that you’re not buying snacks at
the movie theater. They don’t need snacks during the movie and that will save you a lot of cash.

Use Club Rewards

Sam’s Club and Costco will sometimes have discounts on movie theater tickets. You’ll have to be a
member of Sam’s Club or Costco. Check in with the customer service desk to see if they have any movie
theater ticket discounts. It’s worth a shot to save some money at the movie theater.

Saving money at the movie theater is all about planning and checking the best deals online before you
venture to the theater with your family. Every family regardless of size or budget can enjoy a night out
at the movies when you follow these tips to save money at the movie theater.

17 thoughts on “Tips to Save Money at the Movie Theater

  1. Agreed. I feed my family before we go, and then put candy and water bottles in our pockets for the theater. I cannot afford the outrageous prices that they charge once inside! I don’t know how people afford to buy entire meals and then sit and watch a movie. Also, when I am paying, I prefer the half price before noon theater! I am with you on this!

  2. I love to save! I do compare prices and I’m part of rewards programs that help me save even more. I won’t lie, I sneak water in too. I hate how they charge like $5 for a bottle water I can get for 99 cents.

  3. Bringing paper bags to divide the popcorn is a great idea! We hardly ever buy snacks when we go to the movie. Most movie theaters will give you a free cup of water if you ask.

  4. The prices for snacks feel so gougy. We bring our own water bottles and a couple of popcorn bowls, and I buy one large popcorn to share. I like spicy popcorn so I also bring hot sauce and nutritional yeast.

  5. Great tips and always looking to save money when going to the movies. We always skip the snacks and plan to eat after the movie, to cut costs. Need to look into club rewards, though. Thanks for that tip!

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