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Todd Stroger Vs. The Media

Ever feel the need to throttle your public officials? Please remember that I live in Cook County, Illinois where our motto is vote often. Todd Stroger was voted the Cook County President several months ago (don't get me going on this one — but let me say I did not vote for him!).

Todd was asked what the biggest challenge facing Cook County. Was his answer the $500 billion budget deficit? No. How about the layoffs that had to occur? Nope. The biggest challenge has been the media. What??!!?? What kind of answer is that????? He is mad because the media has portrayed him in a bad light. Well, let's see. First, quit hiring your friends and family. Then quit putting them in high paying positions. Then don't make $20 million in changes to the budget after it has been approved.

All the newspapers did was report it. I guess he's ticked, because the press didn't bend over for him.

12 thoughts on “Todd Stroger Vs. The Media

  1. Yeah, at least your media reports the facts. Our's either ignores it completely or writes glowing things about them. Our congressional team is treated like the annointed ones. They can do no wrong.

  2. I don't even read the local political news anymore. Gives me a hedache, makes my stomach churn and does nothing to educate me about things I'd like to know. Politics = frustration for me.

  3. Ugh. We had some local yokels hire friends too… such a pain in the rear. And pay them a ton of money. Fortunately they were caught.

  4. Unfortunately we just keep voting the same people back into office. Every time there is an election we need to vote ALL the old politicians out. Then they will get the message.

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