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Toe Biter

Now that Will has teeth, he every so often goes around and bites.  Right now, he has tried to bite my toes about four times.  I keep telling him no.  I don't remember Madison being a biter, but I am sure that she did this too.  We just told her no and she stopped.  How did you get your kids to stop biting?

2 thoughts on “Toe Biter

  1. I can't remember my son biting in that sense. When he had his first set of teeth in front he loves to bite his teeter that we bought for him. Then we let him bite us by lending our palm or some soft part of arm but he does it just for fun.

  2. I think he's just doing it to see what we are going to do. Plus, I think he is teething again since he is chewing on his thumb and anything else he can get his hands on.

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