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Toggle Bandz

As you all know, Madison wears glasses. She has since she was three. Headbands are usually out of the question for her.  I know you are probably wondering why.  First, she has incredibly fine hair (which is hard to tell because she has soooo much of it!).  Nothing stays in her hair very good.  By the end of the day, barrettes, hair ties (aff), you name it, they all work themselves out.  Second, anything that is plastic doesn't work with her glasses.  The headbands push her glasses into her head, and it hurts.  I completely get why the kid hates headbands.

That is where Toggle Bandz come into play.  They are adjustable headbands (so it doesn't matter your kids head size which is another issue for us because Madison has a big head).  They also come in all sizes, widths, colors, and themes.  They will even do custom orders for you!  They are super easy to put into your hair too.  Madison found hers very comfortable, and even forgot it was in her hair!  I loved it, because I finally found something that keeps her hair out of her face!

I love that these Toggle Bandz are very affordable too.  They start at $3.  You can even get some that have rhinestones (whose start at $4).

This is definitely a product that the girls in your life will enjoy!

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