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Toilet Tattoos













Toilet Tattoos are a hygienic, reusable, removable, decorative appliqué for the toilet lid. They are hygienic, because they are made from a plastic film, and can be readily wiped clean unlike the cloth cover I use to have. With having a 4 year old boy, you knows what was on that cloth. (Gross, I know!) They are reusable because they cling to a smooth toilet lid by the use of electrostatic energy and no adhesives, so if stored properly they can be used again and again, and they are removable without damaging the toilet lid. Each Toilet Tattoo design is available in both the elongated (12″ x 15″) and round shape (12″ x 13.5″) and designed to fit most standard toilet seats.

Now, they truly have a design for everything. Toilet training? Got it. Holidays? Got it. There is definitely a design that matches any decor you have. As you can see above, we have a Toilet Tattoo in my own bathroom. It took me less than a minute to apply it, and my own husband has commented how much he likes it. It definitely decorates the lid, and I can't wait to have people ask me where I got it!

Toilet Tattoos are definitely a product that fits a need, and I recommend getting one!

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