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Too many things, not enough time

I'm trying to get the house ready for the birthday party this weekend.  First, I really don't feel like cleaning, so this makes it pretty difficult to get anything done.  LOL.  Bill had to work late last night.  He won't be home (aff) till 8 or 9 tonight too.  Thursday, he doesn't know when he's coming home (aff) either.  As you can see, it is left too me.  However, cleaning with two kids underfoot is next to impossible. I can't decide whether I should just leave everything till the end of the week or not.  At least if we do everything Friday, I don't have to redo it if the kids trash the house again.  Decisions, decisions . . . .

One thought on “Too many things, not enough time

  1. Ouch, birthday parties are really hard to coordinate and execute. Kids can be such a hassle, I'm sure raising them is rewarding but personally I could not do it.

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