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I live with an electrical engineer which means my husband has an especially good understanding of electricity (more than I wish he did most of the time especially when he decides to work when everything is hot). We do not pay an electrician to come to the house; Bill does all of the work himself. He also runs any sort of data lines (cable, phone, etc.) himself or has his brother come and help him. To be able to this kind of work himself, he has some very specialized tools. For example, he loves his Klein-Kurve Multi-Cable Cutter. This is a multi-cable cutter. That means there are three different cutting blades on this to cut different types of material and wire. This has an anvil cutter, a copper curved cutter, and a steel cutter. Another use of this cable cutter is that it can shear screws also. I know that this is somewhat technical, so let me give you a real world application. When Bill rewired some of the lights in the basements, he had to cut the wire to the length he needed. He would use this to cut it. Any kind of wiring that is done in your house this tool becomes necessary.

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  1. Hope my hubby doesn't find out about this, he'll be wanting one. He collects tools the way some women collect

    purse and shoes.

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