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Top 10 Shows of 2009

Well, these are my top ten shows in no particular order:

1. Storm Chasers. This show is on Discovery and what is more exciting than watching people chasing tornadoes?
2 (aff). Chuck. What better than a super spy (aff) nerd?
3 (aff). Bones. I love a smart lady. Plus David Boreanaz is nice to look at.
4. Supernatural. Great plot. Nice looking leading men. What more can you ask for?
5. CSI. Always a favorite.
6. Lie to Me. I can't ever figure this show out which is why I love it. Great stories too.
7. Castle. This show's writing just makes me laugh.
8. Deadliest Catch. I've watched every season of this show and it still keeps me on the edge of my seat.
9. Burn Notice. This is on USA and it's a great show.
10. White Collar. Another great USA show. It's a crime fighting show with a dash of mystery involved. It ended this season with an awesome cliffhanger.

What are you favorite shows for 2009?

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