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Top Gifts For Kids That They Really Want

Top Gifts For Kids That They Really Wanted

I’ll probably earn a few bucks if you purchase something after clicking on the links in this post. We aren’t talking about enough for a mansion or yacht but more like chocolate and wine. And if I mention a product, I may have gotten a sample and possibly a cash payment. Remember that all Thoughts, Ideas, and Ramblings are 100% my own and may not represent your experience.

Finding the perfect gift for children can be a delightful yet challenging task, especially when you want to surprise them with something they truly desire. In a world brimming with an overwhelming array of toys, gadgets, and games, narrowing the options to find the top gifts kids genuinely want can be daunting. Fear not, for we have curated a list of the most coveted and exciting gifts that will bring smiles to the faces of the little ones in your life. Whether you’re shopping for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, our carefully selected picks promise to capture the imagination and hearts of children, making their dreams come true. Join us as we explore the enchanting realm of the top gifts for kids, where joy knows no bounds, and every gift is a cherished memory in the making.

Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunt

Blackbeard's Treasure Hunt

Avast me hearties! This newest kids’ action game has all the pirate-loving tropes for young swashbucklers! Follow the treasure map, unlock a treasure chest, and collect the booty of gold doubloons that spill out of the chest! Takes both luck. . . and strategy. Yo ho ho. . is a lot of fun!!! Blackbeard’s Treasure Hunt is a must-get!

Adventure Force Blitz 6 Dart Blaster

Unleash a Storm of Darts with Blitz 6. If you are new to dart blasting, this is an incredible way to start your adrenaline-infused adventure. Blitz 6 was designed to be so easy to use that you can start blasting as soon as you unpack it. Load darts, pull back on the ring, and release before pulling the trigger to launch a dart. Shoot up to 100 feet with 12 long-distance darts and a 6-chamber auto-advancing blaster!

Oddbods Toys

Indulge in the comedic brilliance of this Emmy award-nominated slapstick comedy series, a riotous spectacle that chronicles the uproarious escapades of seven endearing friends. Each eccentric crew member possesses a unique and amusing personality, creating a dynamic ensemble that navigates the pitfalls of ordinary existence. Inadvertently, they transform mundane scenarios into a whirlwind of unexpected, extraordinary, and consistently humorous events.

This delightful show invites you into a world where the whimsical intersects with the commonplace as the characters navigate the twists and turns of everyday life with charm and hilarity. From their distinct quirks to the chaotic situations they find themselves in, the laughter is unceasing. Now, you can extend the merriment beyond the screen by bringing home the new Oddbods Toys! Immerse yourself in the charm of these whimsical characters, capturing the essence of their madcap adventures. These toys are the perfect companions for fans, offering a tangible connection to the laughter and joy that defines this Emmy-nominated comedy series. Embrace the hilarity and make every day extraordinary with the Oddbods!

Adventure Force Alpha Auto 72 Dart Blaster

The blaster in your hands is mission-critical, so we created the ultimate blaster to help you leave every arena victorious. The Adventure Force Alpha Auto 72 features a giant drum holding 72 darts for those long epic battles. To top it off, the Alpha Auto 72 is fully automatic, delivering extreme distance, accuracy, and unprecedented power. Too slow to load and aim, and you risk taking a dart; too inaccurate, and hitting your target can feel like you’re shooting in the dark. It is fully motorized, allowing you to unleash a storm of darts and send opponents running for cover. The fully automatic, battery-operated blaster can shoot darts up to 100 feet.

Cake-N-Bake Challenge

The new Cake-N-Bake Challenge is a different kind of action-packed family game with a delicious, rainbow-layer foam cake being the center of attention! The object of the game is to, well, be the fastest baker! Players will race to stack their cake slices based on the order on a game card. The first player to correctly stack their cake wins a candle, and whoever collects six candles wins. Great for preschoolers learning their colors – plus no reading required!!

DoodleJamz JellyBoards + DoodleJamz JellyPics 

Explore this innovative squish-n’ shape drawing pad series featuring some of the finest travel products! These drawing pads offer a fresh and exciting approach to doodling. The handheld art boards are infused with soft, squishy gel or beads, allowing you to sculpt, mold, and design any picture effortlessly. Craft limitless original “doodles” using your fingers or the stylus, all without the mess! It’s similar to Wooly Willy but with an added shake feature!

With DoodleJamz JellyBoards, you can both fidget and create art simultaneously—because who wouldn’t want to do that? Experience the color-blending joy of finger painting combined with the delightful squish factor. (Again, who wouldn’t want to do that?) DoodleJamz JellyPics takes doodling to the next level! Each JellyPics comes with a two-sided emoji backer card that can be flipped back and forth to doodle different hairstyles.

EXIT: Nightfall Manor (with Jigsaw Puzzles)

In this EXIT game, there are riddles within riddles, hidden within four 88-piece jigsaw puzzles. It’s considered an escape room game for the home.   You are trying to uncover the mystery of Nightfall Manor as you embark on a quest to find your missing friend!   Some helpful clue cards ensure you never get stuck on a riddle. And if you like escape rooms and puzzles, this is for you!


GIGABOTS are amazing. My nephew adores these, and they are one of the best products on the market! These are new take-on action figures (I think they are even better). This line of 13″ fully-articulated figures lets kids build, transform, and battle – and then re-build and battle repeatedly. The point of difference: Each figure starts as a plastic capsule with all the pieces needed to assemble the GIGABOT and becomes part of the build. It’s the ultimate unboxing experience. There are six figures in the line.

Handy Grabs Nibblerz

You might recall Handy Grabs from the previous year, featuring tiny human-like hands for all your grabbing needs (quite amusing, right?). This year, Hog Wild introduces Handy Grabs Nibblerz, listed among the top summer products. Now, you can enjoy an additional set of teeth for that extended reach! The moment it arrived, I couldn’t help but burst into laughter—it’s truly a conversation starter. This gripper, adorned with dentures, allows you to tackle tasks like grabbing the remote, fetching socks from the drawer, or reaching for snacks atop the pantry. It can grab almost anything with a 20″ reach and rotating arms! It’s playful and entertaining yet convenient.

Hog Wild Holiday Poppers

Hog Wild Holiday Poppers

These Hog Wild Holiday Poppers are the funniest thing I’ve ever seen! New this year, a traditional Nutcracker Popperand whimsical Gingerbread Man Popper join the classic Poppers line delivering hours of free-form festive fun — press their bellies and P-O-P out a red or green soft foam ball.  . . up to 20 feet!

Magformers Basic Set

Experience the magic of Magformers with the 26-piece Basic Set—click, Connect, and Create 3D shapes! Designed with vibrant colored squares and triangles, perfect for little hands to grasp, this set is the ideal toy for constructing anything from a magical ball and a house to a towering structure. Unleash your imagination and discover the endless possibilities.

Thanks to the magnets embedded in each geometric shape, you’ll always hear the satisfying click of Magformers coming together seamlessly. When playtime concludes, effortlessly stack and store the pieces using the magnetic power they possess.

Universal Monsters BendyFigs

From The Mummy and the Invisible Man to the Phantom of the Opera and Wolfman, Universal Monsters BendyFigs bring your favorite characters to life! Each 7-inch bendable figure is highly detailed and can be posed in various positions. These figures are perfect for play and display and come with a uniquely branded removable display stand. The Invisible Man figure measures approximately 7 inches tall. Collect them all!

Ziplinx Triple Tower Blast

Create high-flying chain reactions with the ZipLinx Triple Tower Blast! Launching ZipLinx into the tower trigger will make the towers fall onto the Target Launchers. Watch the mighty towers fall and trigger your endless chain reaction fun! The ZipLinx Triple Tower Blast set delivers a different eye-popping payoff to the classic domino run, launching ZipLinx pieces up to ” high and Hi-Fly Balls over 6′ in the air!

This fun toys for kids set includes over 9 feet of interlocking ZipLinx. Each uniquely designed interlocking ZipLinx piece lets you create unlimited designs to launch into the air! The magic of ZipLinx is the ease of setup and no accidental starts of your run. Your design won’t “pop” until you lay in the unique Linx Launcher Key! This fun toys for kids set includes over 9 feet of interlocking ZipLinx. Each uniquely designed 3.3” interlocking ZipLinx piece lets you create unlimited designs to launch into the air! The magic of ZipLinx is the ease of setup and no accidental starts of your run. Your design won’t “pop” until you lay in the unique Linx Launcher Key!

Each set comes with 40 ZipLinx, 6 Hi-Fly Balls, 1 Launcher Key, 3 Target Launchers, 3 Towers, 1 Tower Extension with 2 Connectors, 3 Tower Bases, and 3 Tower Triggers. Connect hundreds of Linx to extend the length and make unique designs!

This high-flying fun toy for kids is ideal for boys, girls, and adults who love to build and create.

Funko Pop! Snaps

These Funko Snaps are the coolest thing I’ve honestly ever seen!!!!

Close in on Snaps! Golden Freddy is in his stage playset before he moves! The Stage Playset with Golden Freddy has 13 customizable pieces, including two face pieces, a torso, legs, one accessory, one head, two tables, four chairs, and one playset base. Tables and chairs can be moved and customized. You can collect and connect playsets to create even more killer adventures. Vinyl Snaps! Golden Freddy is approximately 3.50 inches tall.

Learning Resources: Pretend & Play Fishing Set

Can I tell you how much my kids love our Pretend & Play Fishing Set? We have yet to take the kids fishing, so this is the closest they get to the real thing. I love how they thought of everything to include in this set. The set consists of 11 plastic pieces, including a fishing pole with a magnetic hook, three magnetic fish, three worms, a net, and a vest. The kids like the worms the best, I think. At least for Madison, it makes it more real for her. 

This toy is for three and up, and the worms are small. If you are like me, you must watch those worms if you let your 2-year-old play with them. The magnets in the pole and the fish are embedded, so you don’t have to worry about the kids swallowing them. The fishing vest is too adorable. We may turn this playset into a Halloween costume! It’s that cute! There is also a little write-and-wipe activity book with six pages of fishing-themed activities. The best thing is that this comes with a tackle box, so everything fits nicely, and you don’t have to worry about losing any pieces!

Minnie Mouse & Friends Tea Party

Minnie Mouse & Friends Tea Party

The Green Toys Disney Baby Minnie Mouse & Friends Tea Party takes a classic toy, making it safer and more playful. This fun tea set has nine pieces. It features a teapot with a Minnie Mouse lid, a serving tray, three tea cups, and three dessert pieces. Each tea cup has a different shape – circle, square, and triangle. Each also features other Disney characters – Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, and Figaro. The cup is the same color as its matching dessert shape: a circular bundt cake, square petit four, and a triangular pie slice. The tea cups and dessert pieces nest into the serving tray in corresponding shape spaces. Each of these also has numbers to help practice counting. Plus, it’s dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning!

Pixicade Plus

 Pixicade Plus

Got a kid who’s all about fun toys? Or maybe you’ve got a little artist, a video game enthusiast, or a puzzle-solving prodigy in the house? Hold on to your hats because Pixicade Plus is about to blow their minds!

Parents are raving about Pixicade Plus because, believe it or not, it’s the magic potion that makes kids trade their screens for markers and paper. Why? With Pixicade Plus, your kiddos can draw their games, share them with pals, and then dive into the excitement on their phone or tablet.

Here’s the lowdown on how it works – super easy, by the way. Grab some colored markers and real paper, and let your kid sketch an idea for a video game masterpiece. Then, with the Pixicade app (compatible with iOS and Android), that doodle becomes a playable game on their device! All you need is a camera and an internet connection, and voila! (iOS 8.0 and up, Android 6.0 and up)

Pixicade Mobile Game Maker isn’t your run-of-the-mill toy; it’s a game-changer that sparks new levels of imagination and keeps your little ones happily engaged! Trust us; this is the cool stuff kids dream about.

Toys for Tweens – LOL Surprise Tweens Freshest Fashion Doll

Get ready to unwrap a whole new league of fun with LOL Surprise! Tweens™ dolls are the sweet spot between LOL dolls and OMG fashion dolls, making them the ultimate go-to for tweens. These dolls are next-level fabulous, packed with 15 surprises and a packaging upgrade that doubles as a bedroom playset!

But here’s the real scoop – these dolls aren’t just solo players; they’re already part of the LOL Surprise family as big sisters to the OG LOL dolls and the little sisters to the O.M.G. dolls. So, if you’re already rocking a collection, these Tweens are the perfect addition!

I want to introduce you to Freshest, the laid-back B.B. of the crew. She’s all about that cool streetwear style, and when she’s not making music and chilling with her BFFs, you’ll catch her marathon-watching sci-fi, skateboarding, and playing video games. Besides her unique style, you’ll get a paper “journal” that spills the tea on her personality. The package includes the Tweens doll, chic clothes, shoes, accessories, hat box, hairbrush, garment bag, sticker, hanger, doll stand, and the reusable playset for an unboxing experience.

Don’t stop at one – collect all four L.O.L. Surprise! Tweens™ to complete your ultimate toys-for-tweens squad! It’s the coolest crew in town!

Snap Ships – Sabre XF-23 Interceptor

Dive into a new universe of fun with Snap Ships. These toys aren’t just your average playthings but a gateway to a world bursting with creativity and action-packed adventures. This building system is a game-changer, letting kids construct different crafts and dive into thrilling action play. Each set and piece is designed to connect seamlessly, letting your kids bring their ship-building dreams to life.

Now, let’s talk about The Sabre – it’s the king of the hill, giving you not one but three builds to work with. And here’s the kicker: Snap Ships introduces the mysterious UJU tech piece, turning the Sabre into a powerhouse. Imagine the excitement of piloting the Sabre XF-23 Interceptor, a ship ready to take on the whole galaxy.

But that’s not all – these babies link up with the free Snap Ships app, unlocking even more gameplay and a never-ending supply of ship-building ideas. The app allows you to explore new dimensions, try different ship configurations, and go on seriously thrilling missions.

What sets Snap Ships apart is its modular design – pieces from different sets can mix and match, opening up a world of creative possibilities. Whether you’re dreaming up sleek Interceptors, massive battleships, or sprawling space stations, Snap Ships invites you to build whatever your heart desires.

It’s not just a toy; it’s a whole universe of endless possibilities. The Sabre set is just the beginning of this epic adventure. So, buckle up, embrace the boundless creativity, and prepare for an unforgettable journey into the Snap Ships universe.

FGTeeV Mystery Controller Pack

From the fan-favorite FGTeeV & FV Family YouTube channels, boasting a whopping 25 billion views and counting, comes the Controller Pack. Packed with cool surprises like a collectible mystery figure, Micro Stax figure, putty, and vinyl stickers, it’s the ultimate unboxing experience without breaking the bank.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Pizza Play Food Set

This was one of Madison’s favorite gifts when she was little! It is a pizza that you can put the toppings on yourself, cut a piece, and serve! The pieces are held together with velcro, making it easy for kids to cut and serve. You don’t need a safety utility knife to get the pieces apart — you need to use the included pizza cutter. Everything is just held together with Velcro. You also get the pizza toppings, including mushrooms, peppers, and pepperoni. They also attach with Velcro.

H2OGO! Color Wave Pool

Once synonymous with a typical summertime, the sounds of kids playing outdoors on a summer day have been replaced with the far less enjoyable buzz of air-conditioners working hard to keep an entire generation of kids from breaking a sweat as they sit on their couches fixated on their iPhones, PlayStations, and computers.  Once again, this summer, parents face the increasingly difficult challenge of getting their Air-Conditioned kids outside to exercise, play, and have fun!


The challenge is made a lot easier with Bestway’s line-up of H2OGO! Backyard water toys.  After revolutionizing backyard water fun last summer with the launch of the first and only water slide with a built-in inflatable speed ramp, Bestway, Inc. returns in 2016 with an even more exciting line-up of H2OGO! Outdoor water toys: H2OGO! Tether Ball Splash, Doodle Glow Pool, and the Color Wave Pool. Each is sure to keep the fun going all day and night.


I recently reviewed the Color Wave Pool, and everybody loved it! It was pretty easy to inflate, and we had no issues with water leaking out. However, at night, I have to admit it was the coolest:


In a world where children’s interests and passions evolve rapidly, finding gifts that resonate with their hearts and minds is truly a gift. As we conclude our exploration of the top gifts for kids, remember that the joy of giving goes beyond the material value of a present. It’s about creating moments of wonder, fostering imagination, and nurturing the bonds that make childhood magical.

Whether it’s a classic toy that sparks creativity, a cutting-edge gadget that ignites curiosity, or a heartfelt experience that creates lasting memories, the best gifts are the ones that leave a lasting impression. As you embark on your journey to bring smiles to the faces of the little ones in your life, may you find the perfect gift that reflects their dreams and aspirations, making their world a more colorful and exciting place. Here’s to the joy of giving and the priceless delight it brings to children’s hearts everywhere.


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