Top Succulent Subscription Boxes
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Top Succulent Subscription Boxes

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There are many places you can buy succulents. I found it rather interesting that so many people enjoy receiving a monthly subscription box for succulents. This popular house plant item is perfect for décor to boost mental health and adds an extra layer of color to any home.

Succulents are also an easy plant to tend to for someone who may not have a green thumb. Since I know many of you enjoy succulents I wanted to share a list of the top succulent subscription boxes with you today. Enjoy my list of ideas that will have you receiving new succulents every month for your home décor pleasure.

Top Succulent Subscription Boxes

Succulents Box – Monthly Subscription Box 

You'll receive one beautiful succulent each month in a plastic container. This monthly subscription box costs $4.75 a month for 1 succulent each month. You may opt for their other options such as getting 2,3, or 4 succulents per month with a price increase based on the option you select.

Succulent Studios 

You'll receive 2 unique succulents each month for $10 per month. This succulent subscription box allows you to get an already potted ready to thrive pair of succulents. Enjoy the benefits of reduced anxiety and happier moods when you get your succulents to tend to each month.

Succulents Monthly 

This is one of the cutest succulent subscription boxes featured today. The monthly succulent comes in a beautiful pot ready to grow. While the pot you'll receive your succulent in seems to vary from shipment to shipment, with just one monthly payment of $17.41 you'll have a succulent ready to care for.

Succulent Lovers

This beautiful succulent monthly subscription box allows you to receive a succulent arrangement planter in a ceramic concrete planter. Succulent lovers have a few different plant options to order for a monthly subscription box but their succulent arrangement planter costs $21.25 a month.

How long do succulents live?

Succulents can live a very long time! You'll be happy to know that any of these top succulent subscription boxes will give you plants to tend to for many years. The key to keeping your succulents growing strong for many years is to care for them properly.

Greenhouse succulents tend to last many decades, such as those succulents you use indoors to decorate your home while outdoor or some of the other succulent varieties can stay alive for 6-8 years. Most succulents only need to be watered about once per week; be sure to read your care instructions that will arrive with each of the monthly succulent subscription boxes I featured here today.

Which one of these monthly succulent box subscriptions do you like the most?

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  1. This is such a cool idea. I would love to receive something like this in the mail. I know it would be perfect for my home. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love scattering some succulent plants around the office and at home. They are such neat and relaxing plants.

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