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Toxic Flip Flops: Another Reason Not To Shop At Walmart

I do not normally shop at Walmart due to the fact that they are nonunion. I live in Chicago which is a huge union town, and Bill prefers that I don't shop there. When I came across the story about the Toxic Flip Flops, I knew that I had to write about it. Kerry Stiles basically bought a pair of cheap flip flops from Walmart to wear. However, after wearing them, this is what her feet looked like:

This isn't the worst picture either. I picked a picture that wouldn't completely gross you out. Head over to her site to see more. I have to warn you — some of the pictures are pretty graphic. Obviously, it was pretty easy to figure out what she did that caused these burns. She tried to be nice and filed a report with Walmart. They treated her like dirt and basically told her that she had to contact the maker of the flip flops which of course is in China.

The amazing part of the story is that Walmart never removed the flip flops from the racks. According to Walmart, only ten people have complained. However, she has hundreds of people contact her with their stories. Several people have contacted lawyers. This is what her feet look like 7 months later:

Local news channels picked up on her story also, and Walmart still has these on their shelves! I am guessing she is going to have some permanent scarring from these if it still looks like this seven months later! I do hope that enough people join together in a class action suit to make Walmart do something. I hate it when the almighty dollar is more important the health of American public. You think these companies would learn.

Needless to say, I will NEVER buy a pair of flip flops from Walmart.

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